Memories in Tomnop Tek Krolar

Remember the time when you were still a kid, there is always a place for you and for your best friend to hide and no one knows about it? A very peaceful place that allows you to scream all the worries in the world, it also serves as a sacred place for you as you grow older year by year. A place where you keep on coming back because it holds all the memories you cannot forget, memories you most treasure and would love to remember. Laughter you have shared with someone that you love so dearly, the only witness that still stands up to now. The Not So Secret Lake also known as the "Tomnop Tek Krolar" is about 8km from the White Horse statue, it was established through hard labor under the Khmer Rouge regime. This irrigation dam is perfectly situated between a rice paddy and mountains so the scenery is pretty spectacular. It provides the perfect location for a lazy afternoon on one of the many bamboo platforms. Tubing, swimming and even water peddle cycles are the leisure activities being offered. Travelers can bring food and drinks with them.

White Sand of Sokha Beach, Sihanoukville Cambodia

Sokha Beach is a sandy beach that generally calls the attention of most of the tourists in the country only a short walk from Serendipity beach. It remains safe and sound which makes this beach more attractive. Sokha is one of the nicest beaches in Sihanoukville for its long stretch of white sand and shallow water. The turquoise beach is always clean and has maintained it's sparkling water. No one can stop you from having the best beach life experience. Enjoy the picture perfect with turquoise waters and white sand, secluded getaway from the crowds that awaits you here in Sokha Beach. This fabulous beach is located at 2 Thnou St, Sihanoukville, Cambodia.